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Stonemasons are one of the oldest professions in the world. Stonemasonry is old as hunting and gathering - the primary trades of very early man. Ancient hunter/gatherer stonemasons had no tools to speak of: just sticks, stones and bones. Remember – this was the stone age, there were no masonry contractors, but there were stonemasons because stones were almost all they had! These early stonemasons didn't build houses, because they had neither the tools nor the skills, and through caves provided a place to live. But caves are not often naturally pleasant, and if you want to raise a nest of man-cubs, you want them to be safe and reasonably comfortable. They couldn’t go out and find the nearest stone masonry services company or masonry contractor to make their cave more beautiful, so they did it themselves. So, they were like first stonemasons.

Of course, for those first stonemasons, the cave could be ‘improved,’ using the only material to hand, rocks. Then early stonemasons discovered that, if you hit certain kinds of rock with specific other stones, you could create more useful shapes: cutting flints, stone-flake arrowheads, and hand-sized clubbing stones; until eventually stones could be knocked into shape and size to fit a specific hole or meet a particular requirement. All of that was the profession of what, today, we call stonemasons. And the stone masonry services industry was born.



Today we rarely use stone as a core building material. But we still regularly call in masonry contractors, primarily for aesthetic purposes. Nowadays, regular-shaped bricks and blocks are much easier to use than raw stone. But we still love stone, and almost every house will have a job for the stonemasons, simply because stone looks and feels natural. And so, we now hire stone masonry services or masonry contractors to make our place special, by delivering naturalistic features for our home and garden.


These stonemasons’ fripperies might include:


A proper stonemasons fireplace takes us back to the caveman’s hearth. The caveman discovered that fire had to be controlled and shaped, and they used the stone to do that. Stonemasonry services companies and masonry contractors still do the same today, and whether it is an ornate masterpiece in marble and jasper stone, or built from local stone, whether placed in a country kitchen or a stately salon, stone-built fireplace makes a very particular statement, and creates a fabulous hearth to sit around and talk about. That’s when you need to call in the stonemasons, whether an individual stone masonry services expert or a local stone masonry services company/masonry contractor.


It’s all about texture and color and depth. Getting a stone masonry services company or masonry contractors to add a feature stone wall to any home creates a fantastic space and a unique ambiance. But it is not just for homes. In bars, restaurants, office reception areas and conference rooms, public buildings, and shopping malls, stone masonry services company/masonry contractors can add a new texture and a unique feel to any space, especially when used in counterpoint to wood and glass. That is where the services of stonemasons can make an essential difference in how a place feels.


Stonemasonry services companies, masonry contractors are in increasing demand all over the world. If you consider the US, for example, you will find that many sizeable free-standing properties have been graced by the attention of a stone masonry services company/ masonry contractor. If they have a large parcel of land, and a substantial boundary then there might be many opportunities for the stonemasons to come in and ply their art. If you look on some of the more up-market realtor websites, you will find thousands of homes adorned with beautiful stone features from the master craftsmen stonemasons from the local stone masonry services company or other masonry contractors in the area. A stonemasons decorative natural-stone wall sets the tone for any garden or open space and gives you something amazing to lean-on when telling your friends, the story of how you watched the stone masonry services company or masonry contractors build it.

(One word of advice on stonemasons. If someone turns up at your place and tells you he’s one of the stonemasons who is going to build your new wall, check his hands. If they don’t look like they have been in a printing-press, he probably lying. A true stonemasons work is with stone, and stone is very unforgiving. The local stone masonry services company or masonry contractors will ensure you get an experienced team of stonemasons, but none of them will have pianists’ fingers.)


A good stone masonry services company or local masonry contractors can build anything of stone in your garden: a simple stone wall, a folly, a dovecote, a bridge over a pond, a fountain, or even a waterfall. Stonemasons and masonry contractors are there to advise you on what is possible and how much it will cost, but the only real limit to what these stone masonry services companies or masonry contractors can build out of stone for you is your imagination.


Stonemasons and masonry contractors will not usually build you a swimming pool, though a stone masonry services company might. But with pools and ponds, you have two choices. You can leave them as modern looking holes in the ground, or you can use a stone masonry services company or masonry contractors to turn them into something that looks and feel more natural, or more spectacular, or if you find the right stonemasons, both. The choice is yours, but there are properties which from the first look rather unprepossessing, but where, as you walk through to the residential area a fabulous mix of stone-work and nature conjured up by an excellent stone masonry services company/ masonry contractor can be quite literally breath-taking. Stone makes a real difference, and true stonemasons can make a real difference to how your property looks, and how it sells!


Masonry contractors will also not usually build you a simple terrace. Terraces are work for pavers, and stone masonry services companies/ masonry contractors generally regard them as being, quite literally, beneath them. However, they will take these jobs on as a prime contractor, where they can do what stonemasons like to do best, create bespoke stonework to surround and support a terrace. Balconies, balustrades, parapets, raised flower beds and any other features which might make an ordinary stone-slab patio extraordinary, that is the kind of project that stone masonry services companies or masonry contractors adore.


In Europe, most stone masonry services companies/ masonry contractors spend most of their time fixing old stone on old buildings. We usually think of stone as being hard, but it is quite fragile, and after a mere 600 years or so, often shows the effect of weather and use, so stonemasons are called in to sort things out. This kind of work isn’t so prevalent in the new world but, if you don’t like the look of some of the older stonework on your property, or you have a problem with a boundary wall, then your local stone masonry services operator or masonry contractors will be happy to help you.